Miami High Rise Window Cleanig
2021 Prices How much does it cost to clean high rise windows? High-rise window cleaning is a minimum of $85 per service person per hour. Most high-rise crews work with a minimum of 2 people for safety reasons, which would make the rate $170 an hour. Taller buildings result in more fees, and some companies...
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High Rise Window Cleaning
Why Hire a Professional High-Rise Window Cleaner? Cleaning your windows is part of the necessary maintenance of any building. Unless business is only 1 floor, you’ll need to hire professionals to get the job done. You must make sure you work with a team that is safe and reliable. Having your windows cleaned by a...
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miami sign installation
FAQ’s Banner Signs For Buildings How much does a banner sign cost? For banners with spot color vinyl graphics, a better rule of thumb is found in the “Sign Pricing Guide“. According to this valuable industry standard, the base price for a 24” wide banner should be $12.50 per linear foot. So a 2′ x...
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balcony window cleaning
Cleaning the exterior side of windows that don’t unlatch and lower into a room is no easy task, especially for apartment dwellers—unless you want to teeter dangerously on a window ledge. Grimy windows significantly limit the amount of sunlight that fills a space during short winter days. The lack of natural light can send even...
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Looking Back The pressure washing sector can trace its roots back to 1926 and the days of the prohibition of glory. Frank Woldert II, an employee of a Pennsylvania company producing gas-fired water heaters, boilers and a maker of whiskey picks, is the pioneer and inventor of pressure washing. It was by accident while working...
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