High Rise Window Cleaning Miami

High Rise Window Cleaning Miami

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Although it may not seem a really a hazardous one, high-rise window cleaning is a job that hides some risk as it involves scaling a building that sometimes reaches more than 15 meters. The job of window cleaning requires a specific set of skills and training in order to be performed properly.

Cleaning high-rise windows is something like rock climbing. It demands mobility and following work safety measures. As some buildings tower at impressive heights, the use of secure professional harness and climbing equipment is obligatory.

You provide many office workers in high or mid-rise buildings with great views. Window washers are responsible for cleaning the dirty glass windows of homes, offices, stores, and high-rise buildings.

But window cleaning of high rise buildings is on the list of most dangerous jobs in the world. Working as a window washer definitely brings a certain amount of danger. And for this reason window cleaners should follow strictly the necessary safety measures during their work.

This type of job is definitely not for everyone as it requires you to be industry-trained and have zero fear of heights. Being a high-rise window cleaning definitely requires bravery. The job of a window cleaner is a challenging one and it requires from the worker to be physically capable and have some preparation in advance.

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