History of Pressure Washing

Looking Back

The pressure washing sector can trace its roots back to 1926 and the days of the prohibition of glory. Frank Woldert II, an employee of a Pennsylvania company producing gas-fired water heaters, boilers and a maker of whiskey picks, is the pioneer and inventor of pressure washing.

It was by accident while working on whiskey still, that he discovered that the steam forced to press high through a small hose provided an effective way to clean the grease off the garage floor. He started a crusade to create a cleaning equipment that mixes this new wet steam with chemicals that facilitate easier and effective cleaning.

These pressure washers have been around for a long time. Changes have been done to the washing machine itself which has made it more famous throughout the years and making them part of our daily life. Some of the first and fully functional pressure washers were invented and utilized in the 1960s and 1970s. During this time, pressure washers didn’t have indistinguishable quality and effectiveness, like today’s washers, do. This was because of the restricted functions and elements of the pressure washer. But changes and improvements have been made to pressure washers and the number of people using it. After several changes, its performance, and effectiveness have increased.

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